Our Teacher Trainings are accredited to Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and the World Yoga Alliance these certificates will give you a Global Award.  We offer 200 Hours Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Training and 30 and 50 Hours Foundation Further Training Yin Level 1 with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Hatha Vinyasa and the Essence of Yin - 9 Month Course Starts 15th  January 22

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will give you the tools to become the teacher you always wanted to be we believe in quality over quanity and therefore our groups are small and inviting.  For more information on our syllabus email us we are waiting for your call ! 

Syllabus Over 9 Months /Intensives also Available UK £2950 /Portugal 15th January @ 5th March 22

The Roots of Yoga Styles of Yoga History to Modern Era

Hatha and the Modern Flow with the Essence of Yin 

The Subtle Energy Body 

Asanas Practice, Safety, Modifications and Alignment Precautions

Adjustments Hands On Approach and Safety 

Techniques for Teaching Observing Mirrowing Voice and Langague

Pranayama Teaching With Safety to Students 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Anatomy of the Body Approaching Ailments with Safety

Creative Class Planning For Hatha Vinyasa and Yin

History and the Classical Text of Yoga the Philosophy of Yoga 

Eight Limbs of Yoga Pantanjali

The Koshas, Doshas, The Kleshas, The Chakras 

Planning Classes for Specialist Groups

Spiritual Teachings of Yoga

Yin Style with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridians

Yoga as A Business Your Career Moving Forward 

You Start Teaching Straightaway  Instalments Welcome Monthly 

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Yin Foundation Training 30/50 Hours

30  Hours and 50 Hours Essence of Yin Mindfulness and Chinese Medicine

Our Yin Foundation Training London January 8th 2022

Portugal Yin Training 30th October 21 /6th November 21 /April 22 Intensive Residential

Portugal Prices start at Euro - 1200 /London Yin Training October/January 22 

This training is for you! This training is the practice of Yin yoga approach; you will learn the TCM approach with an in depth knowledge of all the principles of Yin. Your bodies as you may know have many layers, and respond to both the Yin and the Yang. You will be given the tools and learning to study the meridians, emotions, the fascia, anatomy, subtle energy in relation to the organs, meditation practices with acupressure and how to work in a way that suits your clients and classes. Learn to teach your students and clients to receive creative classes and understand how to bring the body into alignment for well-being.


Learn the Yin Asanas with Modifications Ailments and Safety and the effect on the physical body 

Practice Yin for Self Discovery and Benefits

Teach Yin from a Therapeutic approach with Mindfulness breathwork and direction of Energy to the Subtle Body

The Importance of Yin

Yin Background and the Philosophy of Yin, Taoist

Learn the Meridians realating to Traditinonal Chinese Medicine and the Organ Body

Introduce Mindfulness and Meditation in the Yin Practice

How Long to Hold the Yin Asanas, Safety and Counterposes

Yin and the Emotions

The Fascia System and Pain Releasing Fascia

Anatomy of the Hips Ailments and Restrictions

The Fu Yang and Yin Organs

The 5 Elements

Anatomy of the Knee and Ailments Safety in Yin Practice

Psychology of the Seasons Emotions

Plan Creative Classes

Sensations vs Pain

Introducing the 3 Treasures

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CPD and Regular Workshops  -From £95- £120



Yin Flows Throughs the Meridians Standing Flow for Health -  JANUARY 22

Pranayama - Building a Course for Your Students -  DECEMBER 21



These are just some of our regular Workshops on Zoom and in Our Studio CPD Yoga Alliance Professionals UK