Hormone Yoga


Hormonal Yoga is the natural alternative to conventional hormone therapy. This yoga is directed towards the female hormones and glands. It is beneficial for the pituitary gland (hypophysis), ovaries, adrenals and thyroid.


This dynamic sequence of stretching and breathing deep relaxation and meditations was developed by Dinah Rodriquez. Dawn is one of only a handful of teachers in the UK certified to teach Hormonal Yoga. If a woman is suffering from PMS, Infertility Problems, Mood Swings, Menstrual Cramps, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovaries, Low Energy, Sleep Disturbances, Memory Loss, learning this balancing sequence is a gentle way to recovery.


Dawn and Bernadette teach regular classes, Workshop, Seminars and Retreats on Hormone Yoga Therapy.  Harley Street Workshops take place on the last Saturday of every month, Bespoke Workshops and 1-1 also available on request.



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